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Based in Manchester, Procommhs specialise in HVAC commissioning and Water Treatment. Our services also Include HVAC Validations, Chlorination Works, Tank Inspections, TMV Setting & Servicing, Water Hygiene, Ductwork Cleaning, AHU Cleaning, Fire Damper Testing & Kitchen Extract Cleaning. Our high-quality engineers work all over the UK ensuring the best service is completed to a high standard.

Recent Projects Include:

WeWork Moorgate
The Shard London
The Quarter Shard
Spire Manchester
Audi Bolton
Gold Medal Preston

Oxford Point Bournemouth
HSBC Sheffield – Project Cavendish
Dundee Tesco call centre
Verizon Data Centre
Over 50 Asda’s across the UK
NHS Hospitals across the UK

Our Services

Water Treatment

All pre-commissioning cleaning works are carried out to the guidelines set out in the BSRIA BG 29/2012 publication or, to the design criteria of the specific installation. The BSRIA BG 29/2012 “Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems” outlines the methodology for the cleaning of new closed water systems. The guideline also illustrates design and installation requirements.

We ensure the following:

. All chemicals used are compatible with multi metal installations
. The suitable maintenance and sampling of closed water systems
. That chemical levels are maintained to prevent any corrosion or microbiological fouling
. That on older installations where a chemical clean may be deemed too aggressive, we can provide a raw water dynamic flush of systems and install a temporary sidestream filtration unit to aid in the removal of system debris.

HVAC Validations & Balancing

Key Activities are the commissioning, surveying, monitoring, and validation of both Air and water systems. In addition, we offer independent witnessing testing, pressure testing and seasonal commissioning.

We offer a level of expertise that benefits a vast range of sectors including healthcare, education, offices, retail, manufacturing, commercial and residential buildings. All of our Commissioning Works are carried out as per CIBSE Commissioning Codes & BSRIA Guidelines.

We can accommodate the needs of all HVAC commissioning projects. Our works are in accordance with Part L Building Regulations, CIBSE guidelines and BSRIA application guides to meet current requirements and industry best practice:

. Air & Water Balancing carried out In line with CIBSE and BSRIA codes of practice for every job we undertake and adhere to British Standards and CSA guidelines where appropriate
. Validations of both Air & Water Systems.
. Intrusive Surveys carried out for both Pipework & Ventilation.
. Pre-Commissioning
. Setting to Work
. Balancing and Regulation
. Environmental Checks and Tests
. Pressure Regimes and Airflow Direction Checks
. Sound Level Readings
. Clean Room Testing
. Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing
. Provision of Detailed Reports
. Demonstration / Witnessing to the Accepting Authority

Chlorination / Tank Inspections / TMV Servicing / Water Hygiene

. Chlorination of new building installation pipework carried out to BS8558 current legislation.
. Chlorination of existing hot and cold water services to ACOP L8
. Chlorination and cleaning of cold water storage tanks
. Chlorination of hot water calorifiers.
. Tank inspections.
. TMV inspection and servicing.
. Temperature Monitoring & Recording.
. Showerhead descaling
. Legionella Risk Assessments
. Servicing of Calorifiers.
. Chlorination and sampling of new SLO mains water and hydrant water pipework to the utilities providers’ requirements.
. Sampling of water systems for UKAS accredited laboratory analysis.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Procommhs carry out BESA TR19 compliant kitchen extraction cleaning. We clean grease extraction systems to industry standards to reduce fire and hygiene risks presented by grease deposits within the canopies, ductwork and fan units.

Side Stream Filtration Treatment

Side stream filtration works by allowing the water and solids to pass through the unit which creates a centrifugal flow, during this flow process the solids attach themselves to the sides of the carbon fibre filters. The filters will need to be checked periodically and changed where necessary. The system can also been cleaned whilst still online, which means no down-time for your business.

Recirculating heating or cooling water systems frequently suffer from a build-up of solids and sludge generated by corrosion, scale deposition, bacterial issues and solids in the feed water as well as swarf and debris form initial construction. Left in situ these solids and bacterium’s can severely impact the performance and energy efficiency of a closed water system, block heat exchangers, provide sites for under deposit corrosion and promote bacterial growth.

Treatment is carried out to BSRIA BG 29/2012 Pre Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems and BS 8552:2012 Sampling and Monitoring of Water from Building Services Closed Systems and BG 50/2013: Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems standards.

Our operatives are not only fully trained in side stream filtration treatment, but also in ensuring the safety of everyone whilst cleaning is carried out. All engineers carry the CSCS passport to safety and are all enhanced DBS checked to ensure confidence when working on site and in areas with vulnerable people.

Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning

Procommhs undertake all ventilation ductwork cleaning works in compliance with BESA TR19 guidance, BS EN 15780 and HTM 03 01 standards.

We have vast experience in working in healthcare premises, secure buildings and prestige commercial and retail environments.

Procommhs offer ductwork swob samples and PVT sampling for all types of supply and extract systems.

All of our ductwork cleaning is overseen by our BESA qualified staff who work in strict accordance with industry standards and best practices.

All Procommhs ventilation cleaning is undertaken utilising techniques such as rotary brushing, mechanical cleaning, compressed air jetting techniques and conventional hand cleaning.

All Procommhs works are supported by bespoke reports incorporating digital photography and certificates of cleanliness.

Fire Damper Inspection & Testing

Procommhs carry out fire damper testing, inspection, and maintenance on thousands of fire dampers every year in accordance with BS9999 standards.

All of our service teams are qualified and competent persons for the inspection and test of fire dampers.

Mechanical dampers and automated dampers are all cleaned, inspected and reported in accordance with current industry standards.

Fire Damper Repair work and any remedials will be identified if necessary and a plan for resolving access issues, fixings or fire stopping to each area.

All dampers are asset tagged, photographed, cleaned and drop tested and detailed in a full bespoke Report.

Ductwork Air Leakage Testing

Procommhs carry out Air Leakage Testing to BESA DW143 which sets out guidance for the pressure classification performance for ductwork systems. All of our staff are fully trained in using state of the art equipment for DW143 leakage testing, as well as all testing methods and calculations. 

Staff members all hold CSCS cards for work on construction sites. Our testing rigs are calibrated by BSRIA, and all site equipment is checked and tested to ensure it is fit for purpose in the construction environment. PAT testing records can be supplied prior to works commencing within our Risk Assessment and Method Statements for works.

Please get in touch with pippa@procommhs.com for a quotation or more Information regarding our Pressure Testing Services


I would just like to commend your engineers who attended site, both of which were: Helpful, very well mannered and very professional when dealing with other members of the design team. Credit to the company and we hope to work with yourselves again soon.
DSSR - Engineer
Daniel Pollard
I have had the pleasure of using Procommhs engineers on the majority of my projects since the company was formed. The engineers on site always assist us with all our commissioning requirements, have extensive knowledge of all mechanical systems, and are backed up by a strong office team. The fact these are my ‘go to guys’ says it all. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their team to anyone in the industry.
ADT Energy
Chris Dolman
Procommhs have developed a strong and positive working relationship with RDH Mechanical Services over the past 2 years via the successful delivery of several projects ranging from a fast turnaround chlorination to the full commissioning of a large office fit. Pippa, Steve and the team have approached each project in a proactive and co-operative manner and have the expertise within the team to overcome the various challenges that inevitably arise during the commissioning process.

Procommhs are considered a key member of RDH supply chain and sit high on our preferred supplier list I would have no reservation in recommending them for any project and am confident in their abilities to provide a first-class service.
RDH mechanical services

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